Grammar, Spelling, Usage, and Punctuation mistakes that just drive us Grammar Geeks crazy.

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No possession, no agreement, etc.

Who says a writer should know how to write? I found these on the “About” page of this writer’s Web site.

Future non-fiction and copyrighted manuscripts that Anthony will pen to add value in people lives …

Future fiction and copyrighted manuscripts includes

And then there is his overuse of ‘etc.’ He notes nine countries where he has international experience; he tacks on ‘etc.’ at the end of the list. He notes 31 publications where he has been quoted; he tacks on ‘etc.’ at the end of the list. And there is this:

… and to begin living a more abundant life that is marked by joy, wisdom, discipline, commitment, power-filled lives, etc.

A “life that is marked by … power-filled lives, etc.

He probably self-publishes.

AJ, you’ve been JAMMED!



Sale On, DQ

Yesterday, it was spelling. Today, it is an omission. They forgot to insert the word ‘sale’ [or ‘deal’] between ‘Lovers’ and ‘is.’ Or maybe they didn’t. Maybe the Cheese Burger Lover(s) is(are) back.

DQ, you’ve been double JAMMED!


What counts?

For those of you who may not know, this is a vinyl record, known as a 45. Click on the picture to read the slogan.

This Gordy logo has bothered me for years! Yet another subject-verb disagreement. The designer has made the verb plural to agree with ‘grooves,’ and the verb should be singular to agree with ‘what.’ Remember the Winston Cigarettes slogan? “It’s what’s up front that counts.”

I’m sure this has been pointed out to Mr. Gordy or someone on his staff before; and after all these years and all their success, I’m sure no one gives a gnat’s butt.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of this blog, Gordy Records, you’ve been JAMMED!

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Watch Your S

I was looking for information on an upcoming parade and I found this on

Performers will feature acoustic, contemporary urban, soul, blues, rock, pop, jazz and modern performing artist.

Only one performing artist? Apparently so, because the writer made the same mistake twice. This sentence doesn’t make sense. What are the performers featuring? You could assume the writer is talking about music, but if you remove the adjectives, “the performers will feature . . . performing artist.” What?

Oh, well., you’ve been JAMMED!